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"Blow the wind high, blow the wind taw, It bloweth fair for Hawley's Hoe"

"Sons of Dartmouth, Keep ye moving, Onward with the march of time"


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Secretary’s Report 2017

Dear Members,

years seem to pass more quickly as they go by, but it is very pleasing to report that the ethos and principles of our Association is as strong as ever. Great credit is due to the proactive commitment from our members who are fortunate enough to live in the town. They have given many hours labour

and funds to projects, which for a variety of reasons would otherwise not have been undertaken. We are very fortunate that the efforts of recent past presidents, all of whom have emphatically encouraged members to take pride in our town

and set a high example to others. Members during the past year have looked after the D Day Memorial on the North Embankment; cared for and cleaned the two fountains in the Royal Avenue Gardens; carried out maintenance and repairs to seats within the town while also looking after the Garden of

Remembrance at St Petrox Church. This has all been achieved while providing labour and funds to rebuild the shelter on Coronation Park, which our Association presented to the town 70 years ago. As I have reported in past years Dartmouth is changing and many feel it is not for the better. Most of the old town shops and the family owned business are gone, only Pillars the newsagent and Hawkes the house furnishers remain; our hospital has now closed. We seem now to rely solely on the

holiday trade with the evergreen complaint of lack of parking. I often think that our forefathers had a far better understanding of our town and its limitations than they were ever given credit for. The Market was well used by locals and villagers and the Royal Avenue Gardens was the jewel in the crown, being loved and cared for by everyone, not as it is today “a trading post”. But I am beginning to sound like a grumpy old man, which I am. Rest assured like many of you I will always be very appreciative of having lived here. The world changes, but in truth if Dartmothians continue their good work we will have all played a small part in trying to keep Dartmouth special. May I on behalf of our President and Officers wish you all good

fortune, good health and very best wishes.

Richard Rendle. Hon Sec.