In 1928 Captain John Pillar presented to the Association a flag, and the Association purchased a tabernacle and Flagpole which was erected in the Royal Avenue Gardens, the new Flag was dedicated at a special service conducted by the Rev. F.R.B. Simpson and the Rev. W.J. Zeal in the presence of the President Robert T. Pillar and a large company of members. Lt. S.C. Legg, RN presented an Album to contain the photographs of the Presidents of the Association and a President's Collar and Badge in gold plated on silver and enamel which was provided for state occasions, to the collar is added each year a silver bar bearing the President's name

In 1938 a Fund was started in the name of John Fox known as the "John Fox Benevolent Fund" such moneys to assist the Almoner in looking after the old folk and widows of deceased members. During the World War II period normal activities were curtailed, but the Committee kept in being with the assistant's Secretary's help while Engr. Cdr. HE. Pillar, the Secretary, was on active service, and sent out an annual Christmas letter to each member.

A Brief History of the Association

The birth of the Old Dartmothians' Association was by a chance meeting between Major W.H. Fox, Alderman, J.H. Moses, Lt. S.C. Legg, RN., and Fred Voisey on the North Embankment one Regatta day in 1923 when the formation was suggested, upon adjournment to the Ship in Dock Inn where their intentions were sealed with a little liquid refreshment.

To commemorate this event an inscribed brass plate was affixed to the parlour of this Inn on the Re-Union Day 1949 and in thanks to the maker and donor (Mr. Slaven) he was elected a Life Member. Alderman W.H. Welsford was the first President with Fred Voisey as Secretary and a first membership of 30. On the death of Fred Voisey, Herbert Tucker took over as Secretary. At that time to perpetuate the memory of the first President, the Association presented a Cup for Rowing known as The Welsford Cup, then in 1927 to perpetuate the memory of the first Secretary presented the Fred Voisey Shield to the Swimming Club.